Splash’N Boots was started as a class project at Queens University, in Kingston Ontario…

After their first show (which had an audience of two people one of which was Boots' Dad) they decided to take Splash'N Boots fulltime! Since then they have released 9 albums and 3 DVDs, have traveled across the world performing live shows, and live in their Big Yellow Boot on Treehouse TV!
Moving into Treehouse's
We’re so excited about our
new home on Treehouse TV!
Five-time JUNO Nominees
for Children’s Album of the Year
Thrice Crowned Children's Group of the Year (INDIES)
Big shows, big dreams
great friends!
Map of Wonders!
Check out some of the places we've performed!
- My favourite colour is blue.
- My favourite food is a grilled cheese sandwich.
- I love music and playing guitar.
- I started playing guitar when I was ten.
- I grew up on a farm near Thorndale, Ontario, Canada.
- I love watching hockey, baseball, football, and basketball...and tennis.
-Mornings are my favourite time of day.
-I love writing new songs!
- Send a letter to me at the Big Yellow Boot! P.O BOX 98004, 2727 COURTICE RD, COURTICE, ONTARIO
Meet Splash!
- My favourite colour is yellow.
- My favourite flowers are daisies.
- My favourite animals are Manatees.
- I love reading, and swimming in the ocean.
- I am a vegetarian.
- I love afternoon tea.
- I grew up in Kingston and Perth Ontario.
- I love making up ridiculous dance moves.
- My favourite part of being Boots is getting to meet so many families!
- I would love to hear from you!
- Send mail to the Boot: P.O BOX 98004, 2727 COURTICE RD, COURTICE, ONTARIO
L1E 3A0
Meet Boots...
Hi Baby Nick!
Teen Nick make a ‘Splash’ mastering the guitar.
He has obviously not mastered
cleaning his room, though.
Taes is born!
Look out footsie pyjamas... one day soon Taes will opt for a fine pair of ‘Boots’.
Taes quickly learns the love of dance!
Still no boots though.
Recording the first Album!
“Getting Our Feet Wet” was
recorded in one afternoon.
* Not an actual gold record.
What a ride!