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Starlight Childrens Foundation RPAN SickKinds Hospital Kids Up Front
What is Splash'N Boots 4 Kids? Read on to find out!

“Empower a child and they will teach the world”

Welcome to Splash’N Boots for Kids; an organization dedicated to developing deeper connections through music and providing inspiring, confidence building musical opportunities for Canadian Children in at-risk communities. ‘Splash’N Boots For Kids’ aims to use music as connective tissue; inspiring empathy, self-esteem, inclusion and kind-ness.

Splash’N Boots has partnered with PLUS 1 and Music Counts for their upcoming “Big Love Kisses and Hugs” Tour. $1 from each ticket sold will be given to Music Counts and focus on providing adaptive instruments to Canadian classrooms so that all students can access the benefits of music.


The Big Love, Kisses and Hugs Tour was inspired by a little boy named Nicholas who was being bullied at school. After receiving a Yellow and Blue heart-shaped pillow from Splash’N Boots, Nicholas told his friends and family to bring money for his birthday instead of presents so he could buy other kids hug pillows too. Nicholas’ inspiring love movement has inspired “The Big Heart Award” Find out how to apply here.


We aspire to make all Splash’N Boots concerts accessible and affordable to all families, no matter what their circumstances. To help us continually move closer towards this goal, we have partnered with Kids Up Front as well as the Starlight Foundation. Both organizations are charitable foundations dedicated bringing laughter, joy and hope back into the lives by providing access to arts, culture, sports and recreation to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity. A portion of all tickets at all venues are given away to help inspire passions, dreams and possibilities for kids, one ticket at a time!

Private Meet and Greets

We recognize that many families have children with special needs who may not be able to attend regular meet and greets. Our goal is to make this experience accessible to everyone, so if an alternative option is best for your family’s meet and greet, please email and we will arrange a meet and greet tailored to you and your kids.

Hospital Visits

Splash’N Boots always coordinate their schedules to visit Sickkids Hospitals, hospices and organizations dedicated to families across the country. Please contact us for more information or if there is an organization you feel would benefit from a Splash’N Boots appearance.

If you have any requests for Splash’N Boots for kids please email: