"What I Like About Me" -Album: Happy Times
"Hey!" - Album: Happy Times
"Yellow and Blue" - Album: Happy Times
"Go With the Flow" - Album: Happy Times
"Stereo" - Album: Happy Times
"Spaceship" -Album: Happy Times
"Antalopes Love Cantaloupes" -Album: Coconuts Dont Fall far from the Tree
"Are You Sure It's Safe To Do That Upside Down?" - Album: Coconuts Don't Fall Far From the Tree
"Tilly the Tadpole" - Album: Coconuts Don't Fall Far From the Tree
"Shoes" - Album: Back in Yellow
"Emma the Dancing Unicorn" Album: Coconuts Don't Fall Far From the Tree
"Potty Party" - Album: Coconuts Don't Fall Far From the Tree
"Okey Dokey Artichockey" - Album: Coconuts Don't Fall Far From the Tree
"Just Try One Bite! You Might Like It" - Album: Coconuts...
"For the Love of Dance" - Album: Back in Yellow
"Shake" - Album: Back in Yellow
"Chantelle The Chicken" Album: Back in Yellow
"Potato" - Album: Back in Yellow
"F.O.O.D" - Album: Back in Yellow
"Treasure of Gold" - Album: Popcorn, Pickles & Parrots
"Monster Party" - Album: Popcorn, Pickels, and Parrots
"Barnyard Hardcore Band" - Album: Razoo
"Whoo" - Album: Razoo
"Rockin' Vegetable" - Album: Manatee Bay
Splash'N Boots Theme Song
"Whoopie" - Album: Popcorn, Pickels, and Parrots
"You Are My Sunshine" Kitchen Jam Classics
"On Top of Spaghetti!" - Kitchen Jam Classics
"The Wheels on Bus' - Kitchen Jam Classics
'Cat Came back' - Kitchen Jam Classics
Dec 5, 2011 "ZAKSON"
Oct 31, 2011 "Monster Party" the switcheroo
Oct 3, 2011 "Grapes"
Sept 26, 2011 "Cleanup Time!"
Sept 19, 2011 "Kitchen Jam Season 1 FINALE"
Aug 2, 2011 "Robot Dancing"
July 27, 2011 "Potty Party"
July 19, 2011 "Give me a Yahoo!"
July 4, 2011 "Kindergarten!"
June 28, 2011 "Giraffe!"
June 20, 2011 "Loose Tooth"
June 13, 2011 "Hey Look I'm Flying!"
June 6, 2011 "Singin a Tune in Saskatoon"
May 30, 2011 "Crazy Hair" with Al Simmons & Bronkar Lee
May 23, 2011 "PEI Potatoes"
May 16, 2011 Buckingham Kitchen Jam
May 9, 2011 "I I I Italy"
May 2, 2011 "Hola Valencia!"
April 26, 2011 "Way Down in Mexico"
April 19, 2011 "North of the Tree-Line"
April 11, 2011 "Sisters!"
March 4, 2011 "Princess Polly Princess"
Feb 28, 2011 "Roadtrips"
Feb 4, 2011 "Baby in a basket...toot toot!"
Dec 9, 2010 "Allergies"
Oct 8, 2010 "Gymnastics!"
July 29, 2010 "Smile :)"
July 1, 2010 "Oh Bethany! (You broke your arm)"
June 15, 2010 "Oh Oh Oh Clementine"
May 25, 2010 "For the Love of Dance"
May 6, 2010 "The ABC Purple Robot Chef"
April 12, 2010 "The Camping Song"
April 3, 2010 "Ruby and Rabbit"
March 30, 2010 "Dinosaurs in my Kitchen"
March 26, 2010 "Me and Charlie"
Splash'N Boots @ Treehouse Big Day Out!
"Animal Party" Roll Play LIVE on Treehouse TV
Monster Party - Splash'N Boots LIVE!
Frieda! - Splash'N Boots LIVE!
For the Love of Dance - Splash'N Boots LIVE!
Splash'N'Twist - Splash'N Boots LIVE!
Splash'N Boots LIVE 'Behind the Scenes'
A Year in Review: 2011 Timeline
Behind the scenes of Roll Play Live!
Singing the National Anthem at the Calgary Stampede
Live Kitchen Jam: "Singin a Tune in Saskatoon"
Sherwood Park Theatre 2009
2009 Saskatchewan Children's Festival
"Monster Party" - LIVE
"Barnyard Hardcore" - LIVE
Rachel Dances to "Antelopes Love Cantelopes"
Amelie tries to convince her sister to "Try One Bite!"
Met You - Sibling Song
Antelopes Love Cantalopes (Very Cute Video)
Monster Party - performed by Bennett!
FAN -performing "Are you Sure it's safe to do that upside down"
Alliya Singing and Dancing to 'Treausure of Gold'!
Dinosaurs in My Kitchen DANCE!
Katelynn's Whoopie dance
Beth sings "Shoes"
Tanis performs "Whoo!" for an audience of stuffed animals
Parker sings "Hello" while eating Cheerios
Vanessa sings "Treasure of Gold"
Vanessa sings "Pirate Dance"
The Making of An Album
PAY WHAT YOU WANT - One day only!!
Album Announcement!
The Story of Lily
Lily's Valentine's Day Question
Meeting "Winter" the Dolphin
Jan 11, 2011 Searching for a Manatee!
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