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The Beginning

We started Splash’N Boots as a class project at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario Canada

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Early Days

You know the feeling when you just know you are doing the right thing, at the right time, with the right person? We had that feeling, during that show.

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Crossing Canada

We performed a lot of shows for four people…we started traveling across Canada performing 200 shows a year...for often 5-10 people

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First Attempt At TV

We knew we needed a bigger platform so we decided to make our own TV show. We used every penny we had ever earned and invested it in making a set in Splash

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Success at Treehouse

Then we decided to make another set. Again, we built it in a barn...again in January...again with no heat…but this time we invested more money, and we even

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Things To Come

We are now working on new exciting Big Yellow Boot projects we can’t wait to share with you.What has remained since we performed for those two people...

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To the people who have been in our yellow and blue crew since the beginning; thank you!

To those just joining us now, welcome to our Yellow and Blue Family! We love you!


Nick and Taes 

(Splash'N Boots)

Five-time JUNO Nominees for Children’s Album of the Year AND Thrice Crowned Children's Group of the Year (INDIES)

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