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Videos with music, videos with talking, videos with dancing, videos with dogs, and all of those things combined!

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Splash'N Boots | Collecting Hugs

Splash'N Boots | I Love You The Most (Official Mus

Behind the Scenes with Sharon and Bram!

Splash'N Boots | Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor ft.

Splash'N Boots | Lemonade (Official Music Video)

Big Yellow Boot

I Love Dancing With You


Thank You - Big Yellow Tunes

"Shake It" Album: Big Yellow Tunes

"JUMP!" Album: Big Yellow Tunes

"Don't Forget that I Love You!" Album: Big Yellow

"High Five A Cat"Album: Big Yellow Tunes

"Happiness Tank"Album: Big Yellow Tunes

"When I Look At You I'm Home" Album: Songs from th

"Hugs" Album: Songs from the Boot

"Hear Us Sing" Album: Songs from the Boot

"Happy Dance" Album: Songs from the Boot

"Big Party!" Album: Happy Times

"Waving High" -Album: Songs from The Boot

"What I Like About Me" -Album: Happy Times

"Hey!" - Album: Happy Times

"Yellow and Blue" - Album: Happy Times

"Hey!" - Album: Happy Times

"Stereo" - Album: Happy Times

"Spaceship" -Album: Happy Times

"Antalopes Love Cantaloupes" -Album: Coconuts Dont

"Are You Sure It's Safe To Do That Upside Down?" -

"Tilly the Tadpole" - Album: Coconuts Don't Fall F

"Shoes" - Album: Back in Yellow

"Emma the Dancing Unicorn" Album: Coconuts Don't F

"Potty Party" - Album: Coconuts Don't Fall Far Fro

"Just Try One Bite! You Might Like It" - Album: Co

"Monster Party" - Album: Popcorn, Pickels, and Pa

The WIggles & SPlash'N Boots: Live at the Sony Cen

The Big LOVE, KISSES and HUGS Tour!

Splash'N Boots LIVE 'Behind the Scenes'

Yellow Boot Ball

Happy Birthday With the Wiggles!

Splash'N Boots With the Wiggles

The Big Heart Award: Highlight Reel

The Big Heart Award: Meet Charlotte

The Big Heart Award: Meet Miley

Lucas: The Big Heart Award!

Splash'N Boots on Entertainment Tonight!

THE BIG HEART AWARD!- Meet Nicholas!

Keegan Surprise: Season 1 - Ep 3

Jacob Surprise: Season 1 - Ep 2

Sammi Surprise: Season 1 - Ep 1

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