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Meet Boots

I'm a big fan of hugs. I feel very lucky to have a life that is filled with so many of them! My full name is Taesnine (Tess-neen) It means: she who holds her hand out to others. When I was a kid I thought this was a very-weird-too-long name. Now I love it. I love being Boots. I love meeting your children, I love meeting you. There is nothing else I would rather spend my life doing than making music for your family. I come from a family where music is a huge part of everyday, and family dinners always include a few happy-tears and end with a sing-song and some living room dancing. I love to dance, but not in an organized way, I love doing the kind of dance that involves limbs flying all over the place and huge amounts of joy. I will always encourage your kids to do this kind of dance. I feel all of the feelings regularly and have at least 23 different types of cries (overwhelmed-with-love-cry is my favorite type) It is my hope that we can create a community where emotions are celebrated and every child feels supported and loved unconditionally for exactly who they are. I am always here, arms out, ready for a hug. Ready to support you and your family on your Big Heart Journey!

  • My favourite colour is yellow.
  • My favourite flowers are daisies.
  • My favourite animals are Manatees.
  • I love reading, and swimming in the ocean.
  • I am a vegan.
  • I love afternoon tea.
  • I grew up in Kingston and Perth Ontario.
  • I love making up ridiculous dance moves.
  • My favourite part of being Boots is getting to meet so many families (and the hugs)

Send a letter to me at the Big Yellow Boot!

Big Yellow Boot, PO Box 68077
Blakely, Hamilton , ON, Canada, L8M 1L0

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