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Meet Splash

I am and youngest of 4 boys and grew up on a chicken farm. I used to gather the eggs and to this day I am afraid of roosters chasing me. I wasn't the greatest farmer. I was surrounded by sing-alongs by the out of tune family piano and summers were filled with music and corn roasts with my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. In high school I played a lot of sports, sang in the school choir, and had the most amazing choir director who changed my life in ways I can't even explain. I believe in the power of music to do just that- change lives in unexplainable ways. Music connects all humans together. That's why I love what I do. I love creating music to connect you and your families, and I love bringing people together for concerts and feeling the energy of everyone in the same place, singing the same music. These moments are the most important parts of being alive. Thank you for being apart of them.

  • My favourite colour is blue.
  • My favourite food is a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • I love music and playing guitar.
  • I started playing guitar when I was ten.
  • I grew up on a farm near Thorndale, Ontario, Canada.
  • I love watching hockey, baseball, football, and basketball...and tennis.
  • Mornings are my favourite time of day.
  • I love writing new songs!

Send a letter to me at the Big Yellow Boot! 

Big Yellow Boot, PO Box 68077
Blakely, Hamilton , ON, Canada, L8M 1L0

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